This $3 Chipotle Burrito Hack Has TikTok Divided

TikTok has told us about countless ways to save a buck at restaurants, but this Chipotle hack really sets the bar. In a recent video titled "how to get a chipotle burrito for 3 dollars," TikTok user @wyaleena shows us how to DIY a burrito by ordering a single taco from the chain. The secret is you order extras on the side and then assemble the burrito yourself.
"Brown rice side. You want to do a side. A side of black beans. A side of corn...This is important, you want to get a tortilla on the side," @wyaleena explains in the video.
While placing her order in the Chipotle app (for a grand total of $3.35), @wyaleena excitedly proclaims, "But just wait until you see the amount of food that's gonna come out." Sure enough, when she approaches the car holding the chain's signature brown paper bag, the fullness of the bag is apparent. She then removes all the components needed to make a hearty Chipotle burrito.
The video has received 2.6 million views and over 170,000 likes, and the comments have been a mixed bag (not unlike the Chipotle bag in the video). One user called out the amount of packaging needed for the hack, writing, "The amount of container waste gives me so much anxiety." Others seemed eager to try the hack, while some users were uncertain if they'd receive enough meat for a whole burrito. Would you try it?
One social media user that's remained silent about the hack? @Chipotle.