FooDoo develops smart microstores that offer fresh, restaurant-quality meals and daily essentials, all ready to consume just minutes after purchase.

  • 24/7 access to healthy meals
  • No fees
  • No waiting for delivery
  • Easy payment

Social impact

We designed our technology to help solve global problems like climate change and hunger.

  1. We reduce food waste
  2. Our AI-based software system provides analytics on sales, expiration dates, user preferences, and much more. This allows us to monitor the shelf lives of products at the most important steps of production, delivery, and sale, all while anticipating customer demand to help plan production and predict purchases. Through sensible planning, we can reduce food waste by up to 50% compared to the Grab & Go market average.
  3. We fight food insecurity
  4. FooDoo minimizes operating expenses in order to offer our customers high-quality food at the lowest possible price. The system also collects information about customers’ preferences, offering their favorite dishes at a discount or even for free if the product is about to reach the end of its shelf life. Since microstores are automated, they can operate 24/7, offering quality food to anyone who works late: hospital employees, firefighters, and students.
  5. We support local producers
  6. FooDoo’s team partners with local ghost kitchens. In addition to maintaining a high standard of quality, this approach also helps to support local businesses threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic and to reduce carbon footprint by reducing delivery distances.